Tharshanna Nadarajah

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, University of Toronto

My academic experience, working as an Assistant Professor with a solid research background and teaching various online and face to face courses. I am interested in developing a career that combines teaching and research while maintaining my research interest in health data analysis, data science with computer applications and commitment to excellent pedagogical practises, and a demonstrated interest in teaching-related scholarly activities.

  • Email:

  • Mailing Address: Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto, 100 St. George St., Toronto ON, M5S 3G3

  • Office: TBD

  • Office Hours:

    • STA457H1/STA2202H

      • Monday: 9 - 10
      • Tuesday: 9 - 10
    • STA452H1

      • Monday: 10 - 11
      • Tuesday: 10 - 11
  • Teaching Fall 2020:

    • Time Series Analysis - STA457H1/STA2202H
    • Mathematical Statistics I - STA452H1
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